Monday, November 27, 2017

Youth Lit Blog #7

Book of Mythicality

by Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal

Hardback: 262 pages

Subject Headings: 

YouTube, Humor, Guidebook


Nonfiction, Autobiography, Guides and Activities

Plot Summary:

Written by the creators of the YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning, this book is a hilarious crossover of an autobiography and a field guide. In their welcoming page they give their definition of mythicality, “the quality or state of being that embodies a synergistic coalescence of curiosity, creativity, and tomfoolery (sometimes referred to as curiotomfoolivity), ideally experienced in the context of friendship and intended to bring goodwill to the universe.” I feel like this definition is a good clue to the tone of the book, which I loved. This is by no means a serious read, and can be enjoyed in parts as well as the whole book. I feel like it helps to know Rhett and Link’s YouTube channel at least a little when reading this book, but I believe it is humorous even of you have never heard of them before. The book does jump around quite a bit, so one may want to keep that in mind. I thought this was a very funny, lighthearted, and enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend this book as a pleasure read.